Made For Guns WITHOUT Tactical Lights

Our Under Cover inside the waistband holster made by Watchdog Tactical is one of the best options for deep concealed carry available on the market today.  Each holster is custom made for each specific gun ensuring a perfect fit and positive retention.  One of the most unique features of the Under Cover holster is the ability to adjust from 0 to 15 degrees of cant with a simple adjustment of the clip screw.  These holsters also allow the user to modify the tension of the holder in the weapon with a simple tightening or loosening of a screw. These holsters are a minimalist design and add almost zero bulk to the overall size of the weapon, therefore increasing comfortability and decreasing visibility while carrying.

The added Wing option brings the handle of the firearm closer to the body to pull closer to the body for concealment.

All Watchdog Tactical holsters are proudly made in the USA by veterans.

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